The Dancing School, was founded in 1964 by Stephanie Bridge MBBO; ODTS, MIDTA, Freestyle Teaching Diploma. Stephanie gained membership of the British Ballet Organisation in 1949 at the age of 13. She was a student teacher for Beatrice Shipstone from 1949-1953 teaching ballet, tap and acrobatic daily under supervision and was in sole charge of two 1/2 hour classes a week. Became an Honorary Member in 1990. Member of the IDTA in 1968 and in 2008 became a Life Member, this was in recognition of life long service. After long service, Stephanie died 14th January 2012.

This long established School (over 50 years) offers small classes in a wide range of dance styles.  Pupils are made welcome and will learn good posture and self discipline while studying dance.  We aim to make all classes enjoyable within a safe environment and treat every student as an individual.

The school is a member of the International Dance Teachers Association (www.idta.co.uk), recognised by the Department of Education and Employment RAD mutually recognised and the British Amateur Gymnastic Association (www.baga.co.uk)

Class Timetable

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